The Metabolism Program
  • What is healthy & active?

    What is healthy & active?

    Your individual nutritional program

    • Healthy weight loss
    • Metabolism optimization
    • Hormone system balancing
    • Improved vitality
  • 3 Steps to Success

    3 Steps to Success

    Step 1

    • Find a practitioner and make an appointment. Our practitioners are qualified to give you optimal support and guideance.
  • Step 2

    • All questions answered. 42 blood parameters will give us important information about your hormone system and metabolism.
  • Step 3

    • Begin your individual nutritional program. Easy to start, without feeling hungry. Lots of tasty recipes to enjoy!

healthy & active - healthy and successful weight loss

healthy & active is a unique, scientifically based nutrition program. It determines the best food for each person on the basis of his/her individual hormonal system, metabolism and genetics.

It helps you to improve your metabolism and to successfully reduce your weight on long term without yo-yo effect. healthy & active is not a diet - it is a medical nutrition concept. The application and consultation is therefore solely by certified medical practitioners.

On the basis of a comprehensive metabolic analysis and taking into account genetic information (blood type), present health status, there will be an individually created nutritional plan with the best food for you.

With this plan, you receive a clear guide that will help you to manage your new and personal nutrition successfully. You will quickly notice, that you can feel more healthy, vital and slim with the right nutrition.


Parsnip soup with white beans

Wintertime is parsnips season. In combination with white beans and a note of garlic its easy to create a very delicious vegetarian soup.[ more]

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