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A collection of our most frequently asked questions.

General questions about our healthy & active nutritional program

What exactly is the healthy & active nutritional program?

The healthy & active nutritional program is a medical nutritional concept specially designed for metabolism optimization and weight reduction. This nutritional concept was developed by German naturopath, Lothar Ursinus and is based on the latest scientific knowledge and research results from Harvard University, Boston.

What positive health change can be expected when optimizing your metabolism?

Our nutritional program offers a medically sound method to lose weight the healthy way without having to count calories and without going hungry. It may also increase vitality and productivity of the patient. Clinical laboratory parameters can be improved, hormones stabilized, and regular digestion stimulated.

What type of practitioners can offer this nutritional program?

A medical background is a prerequisite to be able to offer our healthy & active nutritional program. Only medical doctors and naturopathic doctors may participate in our required advanced training seminars at our academy and become certified healthy & active practitioners.

Questions about the healthy & active academy

How do I become a certified healthy & active practitioner?

As a medical doctor or naturopathic doctor, you have the opportunity to educate yourself at our board approved healthy & active academy. The required knowledge about our nutritional program will be taught in our regular seminars and webinars. After successful participation in this seminar you will be certified as a healthy & active practitioner. You may offer the personal nutritional program immediately in your practice. To intensify your knowledge, we recommend participation in additional supplementary seminars.

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What is taught in the healthy & active educational seminars?

All participants will be introduced to the structure of healthy & active. They will learn the basics indispensable for successful application of our healthy & active concept. Scientific background information is part of the learning process. Marketing concepts for application in your everyday practice world are illustrated and the core advantages of the program are highlighted.

Is it possible to repeat the seminar?

Yes, the seminar can be repeated at any time. We offer special terms and conditions.

How do I receive more information about healthy & active?

If you would like more information about healthy & active, we are happy to send you our info-pack for practitioners, free of charge.

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 If you have any more questions, please feel free to contact us.