The Metabolism Program

Monkfish with rocket-pine-nut crust with spinach and tomatoes

The monkfish is tasty and very popular because of its strength, virtually boneless meat.[ more]

Tuna Steak with Fennel-Grapefruit-Vegetables

Instead of tuna steak, you can subsitute other types of fish to go with the fennel-grapefruit-vegetables as long as it is a fairly firm fish when cooked. Bass, salmon, red snapper and zander are good alternatives.[ more]

Stuffed Trout

Today, most trout are farm raised. However, river trout (brown trout) and lake trout may be a healthier option.[ more]

Grilled Trout on bed of leek and peppers

Trout is a delicious late lunch on a hot summer day.[ more]