The Metabolism Program

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A collection of our most frequently asked questions.

General questions about healthy & active

What is healthy & active?

healthy & active's personal nutritional program has a medical foundation. Using a comprehensive metabolic analysis of 42 blood parameters and the implemenation of gentic characteristics (blood group), optimal foods for an improved metabolism can be determined.

The healthy & active metabolism program has a balancing effect on the metabolism and makes achieving your desired weight much easier. It is all about healthy nutritional choices that help optimise the metabolism to regulate weight.

The program is easy to follow and suitable for just about anyone.

Who developed healthy & active?

healthy & active was created in 2003 by German naturopath and author, Lothar Ursinus. His own clinical experience lead him to research successful methods of weight and metabolism management which ultimately resulted in the development of healthy & active.

What does healthy & active do that a typical weight loss diet doesn't do?

Most diets work through the concept of weight loss via reduced calorie intake. With this strategy our bodies simply learn to function with less energy consumption, resulting in the lowering of the body's basal metabolic rate. Once the diet is stopped and the individual begins to eat "normally" again, the weight comes back and then some, because the body has gone into storage mode.

The nutritional transition with healthy & active is different. You need to eat enough and regularly. No more counting calories. The individualised food list determined by healthy & active should optimise the metabolism to achieve long-lasting weight loss. Furthermore healthy & active is an ideal method to keep fit and vital and may help prevent the development of metabolic disorders such as type II diabetes.

Questions about metabolism

How does medication affect the metabolism?

There are a number of medications that block optimal metabolic activity. Betablockers, anti-depressants, cortico-steroids and cholesterol lower medication are all well know metabolism blockers. Speak to your practitioner about this, if you have any concerns.

What role does the thyroid play in metabolism?

The thyroid gland is considered our metabolic motor. Many are affected by thyroid dysfunction without knowing it. An under-functioning thyroid is associated with a slow metabolism and weight gain.

Does stress affect the metabolism?

The adrenal glands release the stress hormone cortisol during times of stress. This results in an increase of blood lipids and blood sugar levels. A persisent increase in cortisol due to chronic stress, may lead to weight gain.

How important is getting enough sleep?

Getting enough sleep is very important. The body needs plenty of sleep to regenerate. Recent studies show a 50% increased risk of obesity in individuals getting 5 hours of sleep or less per night.

Why does getting started with healthy & active take so much time?

Every alteration in our everyday lifestyle is recognised by our brain as something exceptional. It takes time and patience to make drastic changes to our daily rituals, attitudes, beliefs and of course diet. This is a time to take good care of yourself and give yourself the necessary time.

Once we have adjusted to our changed environment, the dietary changes become much easier and fit right in with our everyday life. It also offers a chance to get to know new foods easlily and create culinary delights out of foods optimal for our health.

Questions about weight loss

I have been on numerous diets and never lose weight. Why is that?

If you don't lose weight when dieting, the cause is usually the metabolism.

It is not "one size fits all concept" that works. Everyone is unique and each and every metabolism functions differently. It is the same when looking at optimal nutritition. We don't all thrive on the same foods. This is why the typical "diet" only works short term.

The personal nutritional program from healthy & active, used by many medical professionals, determines the right foods though consideration of the hormone system, metabolism and genetic predisposition.

With metabolic specific nutrition it is possible to optimise the metabolism and keep the pounds off.

How long will it take until I've reach my desired weight?

The time it takes to achieve your final weight loss goal is very individual and will depend on how much weight you would like you lose, how active and dedicated you are.

The metabolism program consists of 3 phases.

The preparation phase takes 2 days. During this phase only easy to digest foods should be consumed.

The main phase is the metabolism optimising phase. It should take at least 8 weeks or until the weight goal has been achieved.

Once the desired weight has been reached, the stabilising phase will begin. This phase should be seen as a permenant phase for weight maintenance. A bit of cheating is allowed at this point now and then.

Why should I only eat 3 meals per day?

healthy & active recommends 3 meals per day for a healthy metabolism. Insulin is secreted during every meal. Insulin levels decline between meals allowing for the metabolism and hormone system to recuperate.

It may be difficult at first to adjust to only three meals. During the time of adjustment it may help to control the hunger with some raw nuts and an apple. Using healthy & active's important protein rule: eat the nuts first followed by an apple.

Why should I avoid pasta, potatoes and bread?

Carbohydrates high in starch are a burden on the metabolism. Often one feels tired and lethargic after consuming these foods. Furthermore, a diet high in such carbohydrates often leads to cravings following the well known "suger dive".

Carbohydrates high in fibre are the better choice. Vegetables are carbohydrates high in fibre. Fibre helps keep are blood sugar levels stable. Together with a protein rich food (meat or legumes), you should stay satisfied longer.

What do I do if I haven't time to cook?

Freshly prepared foods are the best choice. Even if you are unable to cook for yourself regularly, it is possible to follow healthy & active and achieve your goals.

The healthy & active website offers a selection of recipes and new ones will be added regularly. They are easy to prepare in advance, to enjoy either at work or wherever you may be.

If you are out for lunch or in the work cafeterria, choose only foods from your individually determined food list.